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About our Services:


We can advise you when buying a property, choosing manufacturers, etc...


The basis of our work:
interior design project from idea to drawings and technical documentation.

What is included in the

design project ...


To make the space cozy and meet all your wishes, our designers select materials that are right for your interior...



When designers monitor the construction process, you have less distractions and more free time for yourself, family, friends and work.

What is included in field

supervision ...

What can we do for You, in detail:




After the first meeting, it is usually much easier for customers to decide on a designer.


We will show you where to start.

If you are still thinking about buying a property, we can help you choose a convenient layout, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of various options.

We will also show you how to choose the right finishing materials and furniture. We will help you choose the colors, tell the reliable manufacturers of furniture, plumbing, lighting and decoration materials.

On the example of our projects, we will talk about the implementation process as a whole.

Interior design project

design project
The design project is necessary so that even before the start of repair work you would have a clear plan of action and a full understanding of what the result should be.

You will know the exact location of furniture, lighting, sanitaryware. This will avoid spontaneous decisions and the loss of additional money.


The design project consists of three parts:


​We develop photorealistic images based on 3D modeling so that you can better understand what the result is and how it should look.

With the help of high-quality visualization, you can evaluate all the characteristics and functionality of the project before its implementation.


For the successful implementation of the idea, a set of documentation is required, according to which repair and finishing work will be conducted:​

• Measurement plan;
• Dismantling plan (if necessary);
• Installation plan (if necessary);
• Elements for filling openings;
• Furniture plan;
• Plan of plumbing and plumbing conclusions;
• The scheme of the device of the warm floor
(if necessary);
• Floor plan;
• Ceiling plan;
• Scheme of heating, ventilation and air conditioning;
• Lighting plan;
• Lighting control circuit (communication with switches)
• Electric accessories plan (sockets, switches, sensors, etc.);
• Wall decoration plan;
• Sweep the walls of all rooms;
• Furniture schemes for individual production;


​A set of statements and specifications describing all the necessary materials and design elements of the project:

​• Specifications (furniture, doors, lighting, electrical accessories, decor, etc.);
• Information of materials (decoration of walls, ceilings, floors);
• The list of materials used in furniture for individual production.

This part of the project will show the area of ​​finishing materials, the number of lamps, how many and in which room do you need sockets and much more.


It will also help you to find out how much money you need to repair an apartment in a modern style.


Selection of materials
& interior elements

Дизайнер порівнює зразки

The selection of materials (tiles, parquet, paint colors, stone veneer, decorative plaster, wood veneer etc.) is a very important part of the project implementation process.

It is necessary to take into account that each material has its own texture, color, relief and a huge number of other characteristics.
To make the space cozy and meet all your wishes, our designers select materials that are right for your interior.
​Selec furniture, lighting, decor, home appliances and electronics according to the project is also mandatory. The specification is delivered with the specified manufacturers, items, contacts of stores.

Architectural Supervision
& Project Management

Architectural supervision is carried out throughout the entire period of repair and finishing work, until their completion and helps you realize the project as it was intended. When designers monitor the construction process, you will have less distractions and more free time for yourself, family, friends and work.

What does field supervision include?

• Work with managers of salons, shops, workshops on the preparation of commercial offers for our customers.
• Assistance in the purchase of interior items and decoration materials.
• Regular access to the design object.
• Informing customers about the current situation at the facility.
• We provide technical advice for builders online and, if necessary, offline.

Follow the advice of our designers. The more you trust them, the happier they become ... And this is the key to a successful and good interior project.

The cost of developing an interior design project depends on a number of factors: the function of the space, the location of the object, its space area, complication and composition of the project.

So, CONTACT US to find out the cost of interior design.

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