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66 m² | 2021 | Lviv

This is a project of an apartment in the Semitsvit residential complex in Lviv, which is already at the final stage of implementation! Traditionally, we start getting acquainted with the project from the hallway. Concealed installation doors painted in the color of the walls. On the floor, we used a vinyl coating, a very durable and high-quality material. The floor has underfloor heating, and under it is insulation, which also performs the function of additional noise insulation. We also soundproofed the ceilings and neighboring walls, which will add comfort to the owners.
The small area of the work surface was supplemented with an island, the right part of which has the same height as the kitchen table. And the dining table was integrated into the left part of the island at a different, comfortable height for sitting.
In addition to the equipment that can be seen from the outside, there is also a boiler, a built-in refrigerator, a drinking water filtration system and a dishwasher.
Another important element of the kitchen is a sliding glass partition that separates the kitchen from the living room and hides in the middle of the wall if needed.
The living room is partially combined into one space with the kitchen, but if necessary, you can close the sliding glass partition and have a separate room.
In this room, we combined two main functions: a relaxing one with a folding sofa and a TV section, and a working one with two workplaces.
The sliding doors are hidden inside the wall, the protrusion of which on the side of the living room we used to create a cabinet with open shelves.

Project teem:

  • ​Interior designer: Daria Neporozhnia, Lida Cherenkova

  • CG artist: Vladyslav Gorodov

  • Interior architect: Illia Horbenko, Tetiana Popovych

B047 Semycvit FIN 1.jpg
Before renovation
B047 Semycvit FIN 2.jpg
After renovation
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