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70 m² | 2021 | Lviv

This is a project for the interior design of an apartment, which is now underway ;)

We begin our acquaintance with the entrance, where the main element is a huge mirror with a hanging bedside table.

Living room, kitchen, corridor and hallway - all these premises in this project are combined into almost one continuous space. Thanks to this, the apartment is perceived as atypical, and the space is interesting.

In the kitchen, we made the working area L-shaped, we brought the hob to the formed peninsula, and above it we made a hood built into the ceiling. Despite the small area of ​​the kitchen, it will be convenient to cook here, because we have kept the rule of the kitchen working triangle: refrigerator - sink - hob.

The interior of the bathroom is dominated by natural stone textures and light colors, thanks to which the design will remain relevant for a long time. And the warm color of the lighting will add home comfort to the room.

Thanks to the redevelopment, we managed to create not only an interesting space in the kitchen-living room, but also to create a full-fledged dressing room at the parent's bedroom.

Before renovation
Apartment plan before renovation
After renovation
Apartment plan after renovation

Project teem:

  • Interior designer: Daria Neporozhnia

  • CG artist: Daria Neporozhnia

  • Interior architects: Illia Horbenko, Andrii Zhuravel

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