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200 m² | 2022Lviv, Briukhovychi

The house is located almost in the forest in the near suburbs of Lviv. This project is characterized by contrasting combinations of natural colors, textures, and textures.

Project teem:

  • ​Interior designer: Daria Neporozhnia

  • CG artist: Daria Neporozhnia

  • Interior architect: Illia Horbenko, Andrii Zhuravel

You can immediately go to the desired zone:

BACKYARD (77.3 m²)
FRONTYARD (55.3 m²)
VOGA 1 Floor gallery

We begin our acquaintance with the house in a small hallway, where there is a wardrobe with clothes and shoes hidden in a niche. There is a mirror opposite and the entrance to the guest bathroom next to it. The bathroom itself has a minimum of necessary functions: a comfortable washbasin, a toilet hanging on the installation, a mirror and enough storage space. Here, in the cabinets, we hid coarse water filters.

Going further into the house, you will see a huge open space, which we divided into several functional areas:

1. The kitchen is located just to the left of the corner, hidden from the direct view of guests, with plenty of space for cooking. All the main appliances are hidden in the furniture, and the wrapped countertop creates not only additional space for cooking, but also an additional seating area with semi-bar stools.

2. Next is the dining area with a large folding table for at least 6 seats. Here we used pendant lamps with beautiful glass shades as an accent, as well as decorative painting on the wall. The wall itself ends with a decorative painting that continues to the right to the corner.

3. Here, the space seamlessly transforms into a relaxation area with a large TV, a chic sofa, and an incredible view of the backyard with thuja trees and a perfect lawn. The sofa has a two-sided orientation, because on the other side is another highlight of the interior - a stylish modern fireplace with a niche for firewood.

4. And the last but not least part of this interior is the staircase to the second floor. We used the space under the stairs to store things and to place the main filtration system of the house, which will serve as a water purification and softening system.

1 Floor gallery

VOGA 2 Floor gallery

The second floor is exclusively private.

The parents' bedroom with its own wardrobe and bathroom is decorated in contrasting colors. Perfectly smooth white walls and ceiling are good combined with gray decorative plaster behind the headboard and small black inserts, such as bedside tables. The glass partition to the wardrobe is made of a black matte profile, and the glass itself is tinted with a mirror effect, so that when the lights are off, we only see the reflection outside. The bathroom in the bedroom is even more contrasting: black tiles with a stone texture are bordered by white smooth tiles (with a white towel rail) and a wood-textured insert (here the installation and the cabinet above it). And with the help of LED lighting, we additionally create a feeling of coziness and warmth.

The children's room has a special mood. Pastel yellow, warm gray and white colors make this room gentle, light and cozy. Near the table, we made an area with a magnetic paint marker where the child can draw or hang something. And we separated this area from the common wall with a frame in the form of two houses. We also want to draw your attention to the perforation under the window. The window sill itself is quite deep, and it can be used both as a seat and as a shelf or table. A radiator was hidden under the window in the furniture structure, so the perforation is needed here not only as a decor. Another feature of the room is the lowering of the ceiling at the entrance, in which we hid the built-in air conditioner, and the grilles were brought to the end of the ceiling.

The bathroom is in the same colors as the parental bathroom, but here we placed a semi-built-in bathtub, which is the main element of this interior. And to emphasize the importance of this element, we made it inside a black insert. In contrast to the dark left side, we made the right side of the room light, where white with wood prevails, and a large mirror with lighting. The red heated towel rack is designed for the sole purpose of playing with the feelings of visitors :)

The last room on this floor is a game room. A place where you can not think about work, about everyday affairs, but sit in a comfortable sofa in front of the TV and plunge into the virtual universe for a while. The room is specially dark, but at the same time cozy.

2 Floor gallery

VOGA 3 Floor gallery

The third floor of the house has only one small room - the owner's home office. The interior design of the study is fully consistent with the design of the entire house. With the help of contrasting interior decoration, we emphasize the large windows through which you can see the forest. Needless to say, working in such an environment is a pleasure!
Most of the third floor area is occupied by a huge terrace. The design of the building made it possible to make part of the terrace covered from possible precipitation. In this part, we placed the main outdoor furniture: a large sofa and a dining table for at least 6 people. If you wish, you can put the table under the open sky and enjoy the summer to the fullest. We also provided a barbecue area and several sun loungers on the terrace.

But the most important component of this project was already there before us - an incredible coniferous forest, which actually creates the right atmosphere of comfort.

3 Floor gallery

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