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173 m² | 2019 | Lviv

Friends, we are happy to introduce you to our project - UP!

The style of the apartment is quite minimalistic, monochrome and concise. Thanks to this color scheme, we have achieved an atmosphere of balance, which is very characteristic of the family that will live in this apartment. In it live parents and their children and, since the family is very inviting and likes to spend time together, we have decided to split the whole space into two functional zones.

The same apartment takes two last floors of the house and has two huge open terraces with a wonderful view on the green part of the city
1 floor:   kitchen, dining room, livingroom, entrance hall and transit zone combined in open space. Also on this floor there is wc, bathroom and dressing room.
2 floor:  separate rooms for personal leisure: bedroom, two children's rooms, wc with large shower. Also on this floor, it was a technical room-boiler.
For a comfortable moving between the floors, there were designed stairs, which is a great accent in the open space.


We also want remind about the system "smart house" that will manage the light, warm floor and automate the opening of curtains under certain hours of day. Currently project in the stage of active realization.

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