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79 m² | 2021 | Lviv

This project is notable for the fact that there was the most dismantling work here. Once upon a time, repairs were made here, but as of today, it has long since lost its relevance. And the client decided to make a major repair of the apartment and invited our studio to cooperate.

Before renovation
S115 Before
After renovation
S115 After

The main room that welcomes the guests of the house is the living room. Here the paths from the entrance to the apartment and all other rooms intersect. Therefore, it was important for us to take into account the ergonomics and placement of furniture, the width of the aisles, and a separate TV area.
A bright accent here is a wall decorated with veneered panels. The natural wood texture emphasizes the style and mood of this interior as best as possible. Also, an important element of the living room is a large sofa, which can easily accommodate the whole family.
The living room smoothly flows into the kitchen, and at the junction of these two areas, we placed a dining table, but made it above the standard. It is a comfortable height to work behind, and when someone is sitting on the sofa, it will not interfere with watching TV from the bar stools.

The bedroom is made in light natural colors, white is successfully combined with wood, and graphite inserts make the interior more contrasting.
The wall behind the head of the bed is made of plaster panels painted white. The bed, or rather its body, was made to order. This gave us the opportunity to integrate bedside tables into it, so that the structure looks complete. There are three scenarios of artificial lighting in the room - the main bright light from the ceiling, hanging local lamps above the bedside tables, and soft unobtrusive LED lighting along the entire headboard. As for storage places, there are plenty of them here - a huge wardrobe for the entire width of the room and a place under the bed with a lifting mechanism.

In the bathroom, we abandoned the bathtub in favor of a huge shower, which is separated from the common room by a floor-to-ceiling glass partition. This is emphasized by the volume and color of the tile - the entire perimeter of the shower looks like a dark insert. A shower system with an overhead and hand shower together has a rather large water consumption. Accordingly, we chose the shower drain taking into account its capacity, so that the water on the floor was quickly drained.
Another attractive element of this interior is a large round mirror with lighting. Big enough for two people to fit in front of it. And in combination with a glass partition, it visually expands the space. The white overhead sink harmoniously fits into the overall composition of forms. And there is quite a lot of free space left on the tabletop.
To the left of the sink with a mirror, we made a cabinet, inside which the washing machine is hidden. There is also enough space for storing household chemicals and other things.
Behind the wall-hung toilet is a moisture-resistant furniture panel, which goes up into the facades of another hidden and not deep closet. You can also place quite a lot of oversized things here.
The lighting is divided into two scenarios: the main bright light from spots, and the secondary soft light from LED strips to create a more intimate atmosphere. Additionally, you can also turn on the mirror illumination. In general, the room looks neat and stylish, like the whole apartment :)

Project teem:

  • Interior designers: Daria Neporozhnia, Lida Cherenkova
  • CG artist: Vladislav Gorodov
  • Interior architect: Illia Horbenko, Tetiana Popovych
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