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80 m² | 2020 | Lviv

First of all, we would like to say that it was a pleasure to work on this project! It's a 100% jackpot! We were lucky and it was very easy to work with our customers, and our understanding of style was completely the same!

Therefore, only positive emotions :)

Now about the project:

The apartment is located on the first floor of the house, which is located in a cozy and quiet area with a large park. The apartment is beautiful, but there were some problematic issues that needed to be solved.

•  Very dark kitchen, lack of natural light (the room is designed by the developer one small window under the ceiling).

•  No bedroom.

•  Big kitchen.

Without our favorite stage of design is complete) This is a redevelopment, which solved all the problems. Schemes of "before" and "after" you can see under the project description. Due to redevelopment the apartment has changed its spatial construction.


We created a separate bedroom, ergonomic kitchen, cozy living room, large dressing room. At the beginning of discussing tastes and preferences, we asked our customers what their favorite color was) And it turned out that it was the color of their kitten, which had noble smoky gray hair. We took it as a basis and added some color accents. For example, the curtains in the bedroom, which visually separate it from the living room and create a special cozy space inside the room.


The kitchen and bathroom also need special attention. The interiors of these rooms have clear lines and contrasting colors. The girl's room is so girlish. It seems to us that every girl dreams of such a room. It is both gentle and rebellious)

Below are all the photos of the apartment especially for you! As well as 3D visualization and plan schemes. Enjoy ;)

Project teem:

  • Interior designer & CG artist: Daria Neporozhnia
  • Interior architect: Illia Horbenko
  • Photographer: Andrew Shustykevych
Before renovation
After renovation

3d visualization of the interior

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