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62 m² | 2020 | Lviv

A special project for us - we introduce you to the house of our close friend. We had a desire to make the interior as cozy as possible, but at the same time with a masculine character.

We had a number of tasks to solve: illogical zoning of premises, lack of wardrobe and ... a gas pipe in the middle of the kitchen. And if the first two problems we knew how to solve, with the last it was only a joke to offer to paint the pipe red))) As you can see, we did).
We supported the red trumpet with the color of the dining chairs. And the masculine character of the interior was given by the Austrian brick at the entrance and in the living room, as well as the concrete ceiling in the corridor and wardrobe.

Red and black, concrete, brick and perfect white walls and ceilings, all this only enhances the contrast and gives juiciness to the interior.
The intimate area of   the apartment is more cozy and warm. The bedroom is dominated by warm shades of natural wood, and the space of the room visually expands due to the large-format mirror on the wall. The bathroom is more contrasting, but no less cozy. The textures of natural materials also play a major role here - black stones with white veins, tiles imitating wooden geometric panels, and white ceramics.

Summing up, let's say that having coped with all the tasks, and even more, we confidently began to implement the object.


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