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74 m² | 2020 | Lviv

As is often the case, we combined the kitchen with the living room, which made the space more interesting and more functional. In the kitchen, we made an island, at the end of which, at the request of the client provided shelves with lights for storing bottles. There was also a wish to inscribe your favorite picture in the interior - we found a place for it over the sofa in the seating area.

The main requirement for the interior of the bedroom was to make it as light and gentle as possible. So here we decided to abandon the dark colors altogether. To give the interior lightness, we used a lot of light textiles, and the wall behind the headboard was decorated with photo wallpaper with tropical leaves in soft pastel colors.

Before the pandemic, many underestimated the importance of having a good workplace at home. Now we see a tendency to do at least one full-fledged job, or even an entire office. In the future, when the children appear, this office can be converted into a children's room.

Project teem:

  • Interior designer: Daria Neporozhnia

  • CG artist: Daria Neporozhnia

  • Interior architects: Illia Horbenko, Tetiana Popovych

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