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73 m² | 2021 | Odesa

In this project, we combined the kitchen, living room and part of the corridor into one space, which added a lot of air to the interior.


Light shades of gentle natural colors, in which the whole apartment is made, will never get bored. In addition, this color solution visually expands the space.

We made the wall behind the bed in the master bedroom partly from a mirror, which visually expanded the space, and partly extended the parquet board on the wall to make the interior look more complete. It was also necessary to provide space for a laptop - in front of the bed load-bearing structures of the building formed a niche, which we used for shelves and workplace. The design of the furniture was designed so that the laptop can be easily hidden.

We made the children's room cute, cozy, but at the same time stylish. Not devoid of the essential attributes of a child's room, but not oversaturated with them.

The character of the interiors of the bathroom and guest bathroom is created by porcelain with an active stone texture. And to diversify the interior, we made some surfaces white. In the main bathroom under the shower provided functional shelves with lighting. The guest bathroom is made in the same style.

Before renovation
B046 Odessa FIN 111.jpg
After renovation
B046 Odessa FIN 222.jpg

Project teem:

  • ​Interior designer: Daria Neporozhnia

  • CG artist: Larysa Bielan

  • Interior architect: Illia Horbenko

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