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200 m² | 2022 | Ternopil

You can talk about this house for a long time! We made these interiors last year, and it still evokes warm feelings.

On the first floor, almost all areas are combined into one common space, kitchen, living room, fireplace area, TV area, it's all here. Light colors predominate, but small black elements (knobs, lamps, fireplace grates) are well combined with wooden textures, which are also abundant here. The entire floor, dining table, dining chairs, semi-bar stools, as well as the kitchen countertop are made of wood, which adds naturalness and coziness to the interior. The sofa in the TV area is also in warm shades, and the velor upholstery goes well with the decorative plaster on the wall behind the sofa. Another interesting accent is the metal designer lamps above the dining area, they will evenly illuminate the dining table and play nicely in the interior thanks to the polished metal surface.
Also on this floor there is a guest bathroom with a shower, which is made in similar colors - white stones, wood and small black elements.

The private area of the house is on the second floor. Here we have predicted:
1. The owner's office with a work table on a lifting mechanism, a sofa with a TV for relaxation, a shelf near the work area and a wall with marker paint on which you can draw and take notes.
2. The master's bedroom, where the main element of the interior is the bed and the accent wall behind the head of the bed, which we made of decorative plaster.
3. A dressing room next to the parents' bedroom, in which you can place many things and admire yourself in a large illuminated mirror.
4. A bathroom with a large shower cabin and a sink with two sinks.
5. And a children's room for a boy. The main element here is of course the bed, but we made it two-level so that in the future two children can be accommodated here. In general, there are a lot of very interesting little things in the room: an improvised children's climbing wall, a modular wall with shelves, where you can change the number and position of the shelves, and marker paint on the wall, on which the child can express his creativity.

In addition to two residential floors, the building also has an underground parking lot (for 1-2 cars) with several technical rooms, which made it possible to hide the overall engineering systems out of sight. Also, the house has a small outbuilding area, completely closed from prying eyes and accessible directly from the living room.

Project teem:

  • ​Interior designer: Daria Neporozhnia, Lida Cherenkova

  • CG artist: Vladyslav Gorodov

  • Interior architect: Illia Horbenko, Andrii Zhuravel

You can immediately go to the desired zone:

BIM interior design
0 FLOOR (66.7 m²)
BACKYARD (56.3 m²)

1 Floor gallery

MEDOM 1 Floor gallery
MEDOM 2 Floor gallery

2 Floor gallery

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