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210 m² | 2021 | Lviv, Birky

These are the interiors of a two-storey country house with an area of 210 square meters, which is designed for one large family.
We start our acquaintance with an open space, in which the transit zone of the corridor from the entrance and stairs smoothly passes into the living room (with a fireplace, two-level space, tv zone), a dining area and a kitchen.

The main wish of the client was to convey through the interiors the unity with nature and the very character of the country house itself. Therefore, in these interiors you will see a lot of plants, the highlight of which is certainly the red maple in the living room.
The highlight of this project is not only the red maple and the net in the two-level space of the tv - we think this place will be a favorite for children.
Another element worth your attention is the fireplace insert, which will not only attract attention, but also warm space in winter.
There was a requirement for the home office to place many houseplants and the piano available to the owners.

The parent area on the second floor is divided into three separate areas: a bedroom, a bathroom and a wardrobe.
In addition to the parental area, the house is planned for two more full-fledged children's and a separate stylish and very delicate bathroom for children. 

Project teem:

  • Interior designers: Daria Neporozhnia, Lida Cherenkova
  • CG artist: Vladislav Gorodov
  • Interior architect: Illia Horbenko, Tetiana Popovych

1 Floor gallery

2 Floor gallery

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