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77 m² | 2022 | Lviv

Apartment on the 18th floor in one of the highest buildings in Lviv. Like many of our projects, this project is done in subdued natural textures and colors.


White color and wooden surfaces predominate, and contrast is added by gray textile surfaces and decorative plaster. Accent elements in the open space are two hanging lamps of Ukrainian production, made of papier-mâché. Also, attention is drawn to the kitchen with an island and leather semi-bar stools nearby.
The lighting is designed for several scenarios, so that it is possible to have, in addition to bright light, a cozy and unobtrusive light for romantic evenings.

The contrast we love is vividly emphasized in the interior of the bathroom, where ceramic granite with a rough rust texture was used next to perfectly smooth and white tiles. And black matte metal elements only enhance this effect. The mirror here is functional, because behind it are hidden shelves for storing cosmetics and various small things.
We designed the children's room in such a way that there was as much light as possible. The bed has a second tier for games, which in the future can be used as another sleeping place for a child. You can climb it using a ladder mounted on the wall. In combination with designer 

B056 Animation.gif
B056_Avalon_UP FIN 1.jpg
Before renovation
After renovation
B056_Avalon_UP FIN 2.jpg

Project teem:

  • Interior designer: Daria Neporozhnia
  • CG artist: Daria Neporozhnia
  • Interior architects: Illia Horbenko, Andrii Zhuravel
  • Photographer: Andrew Shustykevych

Fragment of an album of technical drawings

дизайн інтер'єру специфікації
інтер'єр, монтажні схеми, вузли деталізації
План умеблювання, схема вентиляції
план освітлення, креслення електрики

3d visualization of the interior

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