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97 m² | 2021 | Lviv

It was an incredibly sweet story of getting to know the customers, with whom warm and sincere relations remained even after the implementation of the project!)

Apartments with high ceilings are extremely rare nowadays. The standard varies between 2.7-2.8 m, of which 2.6 m remains clean after the repair (in the best case). But in this residential complex, the developer provided for a luxurious height of the ceilings, which we kept to the maximum: we gave up the suspended ceiling in the main rooms, and used overhead-type lamps. In order to emphasize the height of the premises, we also made the door of a non-standard increased height.

In this style of the interior, the laying of the "herringbone" floor covering, as well as decorated doors and plinths, abutting the ceiling to the walls with a high decorative cornice, suited us very well.

The favorite color of customers is often found in this apartment. We even called it the color of Bengal ficus leaves :) Against the background of such a wonderful color in the middle of the living room, a painting by the Latvian artist Viktor Sheleg, in which the main accent is also the dark green color, fits well. In general, the living room turned out to be quite bright and light, despite the dark color accents.
There is direct access to the kitchen from the living room. It is small and designed purely for cooking. But the dining table, at which the whole family will regularly gather, we placed near the large window. A sofa, a TV area, a console with decor and a floor lamp, all this is no less organically incorporated into the interior.

Another room nearby, hidden behind a green door, is a small nursery for the smallest member of the family.
We tried to make the smaller children's room as bright as possible, so white color and small bright yellow colored inserts prevail here.
The bathroom is also contrasting and bright, in white and terracotta colors, where the main accent element is a round mirror with lighting. And the guest bathroom, which is opposite the entrance door to the apartment, is in a white and green color scheme with accent black elements and an active tile pattern on the floor.

In combination with properly selected furniture and decor, the interior is complete and most importantly not
oversaturated look.

Project teem:

  • Interior designer: Daria Neporozhnia
  • CG artist: Kyrylo Horbenko
  • Interior architect: Andrii Zhuravel
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