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67 m² | 2021 | Lviv

This is an atypical project for us, but it was very interesting for us to try our hand at one of the fashionable styles of the last few seasons - Scandinavian boho. This is a two-room apartment in Lviv, which is intended for a young couple.

The whole apartment is predominantly made in light white shades. The kitchen combines the function of a living room. Here, against a background of delicate white tones, yellow plays an accent role, and a tile with a pattern on the floor and a dark sofa add contrast.

In the hallway, we have provided one full-length mirror and a second round mirror near the front door. There is also a shoe cabinet and a soft bench.

The bedroom is made exclusive by a unique bed with a deep headboard, in which we have provided shelves for books and personal belongings of the owners. To the right of the bed, we placed a make-up table.

The second living room in the apartment was used as a home office. Here we have provided a large work desk with two monitors, a sitting area with a sofa and a coffee table, and two open storage areas for books. There is also an entrance to the balcony from the office, in which we have created a lounge area for cozy evenings and not only.

The last room of the apartment is the bathroom. Here we've added some color and contrast. The same tiles were used on the floor as in the kitchen. And on the sides of the round mirror, wall sconces were placed for uniform illumination of the face.

Project teem:

  • Interior designers: Daria Neporozhnia, Tetiana Koloshyna

  • CG artist: Daria Neporozhnia, Tetiana Koloshyna

  • Interior architect: Tetiana Popovych

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