64 m² | 2019 | Lviv

Light coloured. Clean. With character.

That's how fast we would describe our project. At the beginning of the discussion of the concept of the future project, we came to the conclusion that the interior will be as light as possible, and as you know, the design of the space always reflects the character of the owner.

By the way, in this apartment we also made a redevelopment, because the zoning option from the developer is not always logical and functional. Due to this, the apartment has a full wardrobe room with a large number of shelves, hangers and drawers. And if we talk about materials, they are very simple. Paint, plaster, tile and glass on the kitchen apron. Due to the gloss, the kitchen space visually expanded, and the dark shade of gray created depth due to the contrast with the light hinged section above the work surface.

We are glad that our client very much liked the interior and within the scope of design supervision we started the project together!


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