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62 m² | 2020 | Lviv

We are always pleased to share new projects with you!

This is a cozy and stylish apartment in Lviv, with an area of 62 square meters, which we designed for a young family. The open space of the apartment begins with the front door and combines a hallway, corridor, living room and kitchen.

Despite the fact that the apartment has a total area of 62 m.s., the developer has allocated only 5,2 m.s. for the kitchen. Of course, this is very little for any housewife. But we found a way to fit here almost everything we wanted: a refrigerator, a boiler, a dishwasher, an oven with a hob, a microwave and even a small bar. In the open space as an accent color, we chose one of the shades of olive. In combination with the color of natural wood and white, the interior is perceived as fresh and light.

We are sure that you will immediately notice an unusual solution - the headboard in front of the window. In fact, we thought for a long time together with customers about how it would be more convenient. As a result, we walked for a long time with a tape directly in an empty apartment and imagined the future interior and size of the furniture.

In the end, this decision was made, and in terms of interior design, this arrangement of furniture was quite interesting!)



12.5 m²


4.2 m²


5.2 m²


3.8 m²


5.2 m²


11.8 m²


19.3 m²

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